Careers at Sea

Seaspan Crew Management Ltd. offers at-sea positions on board containerships of various sizes and specifications.




Seaspan offers cadet programs in China, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Ukraine. To ensure our programs are consistent and of high quality, we select our deck, engine and electro cadets from these schools:

China: Shanghai Maritime University (SMU)
Hong Kong: Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI)
India: The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies (GEIMS)
Ukraine: Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA)
The Philippines: The University of Cebu (UC-METC) and The Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP)
Sri Lanka: Colombo International Nautical & Engineering College (CINEC)
South Africa: South African Maritime Training Academy (SAMTRA)

We employ a dedicated cadet training superintendent to oversee our program and guide our cadets.

The cadet program is well-rounded and provides skills relevant to a variety of ship sizes and engine types. The curriculum focuses on safety and good practice, and is carefully planned to ensure cadets acquire comprehensive experience.

Our ultimate goal is to develop these cadets into Seaspan’s future senior officers.

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