Our established programs for environmental awareness and responsibility, social interactions and fairness, and a diverse work force are bound by an ownership culture and supported by a corporate governance framework that promotes transparent, ethical, legal and fair behavior.




Shipping represents the most efficient mode of cargo transportation – compared to ground, rail and air – in terms of energy consumptions against distance travelled and cargo carried. However, as the largest independent owner of containerships, Seaspan recognizes its responsibility as a good corporate citizen, and strives to embed ESG considerations into every stage of its ship development, operations and recycling.


2021 Atlas Corp. Sustainability Report

In addition to being an account of Seaspan’s Environmental, Social and Governance programs and activities, our Sustainability Report is a firm commitment to further develop our programs, measurements and accountabilities, while adhering to environmental, social and governance principles.

Seaspan is committed to developing and operating a sustainable business financially, operationally, and commercially. Our strong ESG principles guide our established programs across environmental awareness and responsibility as well as social interactions and fairness, and are supported by an ownership culture and corporate governance framework that promotes transparent, ethical, legal and fair behavior. Atlas’ commitment to the success of these programs enables us to diligently pursue ESG solutions, with measurable results.” – Bing Chen, President and CEO of Atlas Corp.

Seaspan’s ships are built to the highest quality standards at leading global shipyards. Based on in-house technical and operational expertise, Seaspan has built lasting partnerships with a diverse group of major liner customers. Containership transportation is the most efficient way to transport large quantities of goods around the world and Seaspan’s management team prioritizes the safety of both crew and cargo. Excellence in vessel operation is achieved through comprehensive training, quality standards and procedures, to enable risk mitigation and cost-effective operation. At Seaspan, it is understood that a company is only as valuable as its people, and as strong as its reputation. Skilled and committed global teams allow Seaspan to stand firmly behind its commitment to provide safe, reliable and economical operations.

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