Seaspan Joins IMPA SAVE – Getting to Zero Single-Use Plastic Onboard


Seaspan has joined the IMPA SAVE team as a pledger. By joining the pledge, Seaspan emphasizes its dedication to eliminating single-use plastics onboard vessels and fostering sustainable practices across the maritime sector.

The International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) has taken a significant stride towards sustainability with its commitment to the Plastic Zero Pledge. Recognizing the urgent need to address the global plastic crisis, IMPA launched the IMPA SAVE initiative, aimed at reducing plastic consumption and promoting a cleaner and greener maritime industry.

The IMPA SAVE initiative is a comprehensive commitment to minimizing the maritime industry’s impact on the environment by targeting one of the most significant pollutants – plastic. The initiative is creating opportunities not only to share knowledge on more sustainable practices and alternatives but also to motivate others to be better stewards of our oceans through committing and regular impact reporting.

Reducing plastic onboard vessels has been an item on Seaspan’s agenda for a long time (see more about our environmental initiatives here). In response to this growing concern, Seaspan has taken actions to reduce and mitigate plastic waste, such as reducing the dependency on plastic bottled drinking water by supplying water filtration units onboard and personal stainless steel water bottles for crew members, new vendors are vetted for their policy on plastic packaging materials and discouraged from supplying it onboard the ships, and crew members are encouraged to return plastic packaging materials to suppliers for recycling. To support its actions, Seaspan has set a target of a 5% annual reduction in plastic waste discharged from our ships, in comparison to 2018. As an IMPA SAVE pledger, Seaspan is committed to sharing its records on a biannual basis and collaborating and partnering with the community to find more ways to improve.

As the maritime industry embraces sustainable practices and reduces its plastic footprint, it sets an example for other sectors to follow. Seaspan believes that through collective efforts and steadfast commitment, it is possible to pave the way toward a plastic-free future, safeguarding our oceans and preserving the vitality of our planet for generations to come.

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