Seaspan and Anglo-Eastern announce Sea Sourcing, a new procurement joint venture


Seaspan Corporation (“Seaspan”) and Anglo-Eastern Univan Group (“Anglo-Eastern”) are pleased to announce the formation of Sea Sourcing Pte Ltd (“Sea Sourcing”), a new procurement joint venture between the two companies, based in Singapore.

Jointly leading Sea Sourcing are Seaspan Director of Procurement Gareth Hartlett and Jesper Larsen, who has headed up Anglo-Eastern’s procurement arm, Ocean Sourcing, since 2018.

By working as a joint venture, Sea Sourcing’s larger scale will provide access to better value propositions, stronger negotiation power, improved risk mitigation, and knowledge sharing as a best-in-class procurement organisation. Sea Sourcing will also seek to deliver enhanced value to supply partners by engaging them in longer-term partnerships, providing our valued suppliers with increased volumes and stability.

Sea Sourcing will drive enhanced competitiveness through greater economies of scale across the value chain, including optimised sourcing, product development, use of relevant technologies, and access to a global network.

“Sea Sourcing is a partnership between one of the world’s largest container ship owners and ship managers,” said Carsten Ostenfeldt, COO of Anglo-Eastern. “Through this joint venture, supplier prices, as well as associated terms and conditions, can be fully optimised for the benefit of our clients.”

Concurred Torsten Holst Pedersen, COO of Seaspan; “Sea Sourcing represents a great opportunity for Seaspan and Anglo-Eastern to truly leverage scale in a transparent and efficient manner, ultimately benefitting our respective customers and partners.”

Added Mr. Ostenfeldt: “We foresee exciting developments in the digital space as a consequence of our combined forces and look forward to embracing next-generation digital procurement as a way to further add value for our clients.”

Sea Sourcing will commence operations in May 2022.

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